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How to choose between civil ceremony vs church wedding?

When a couple is willing to get married to each other, then there are different ways obtainable according to the religion, caste and society. Instead of the traditional marriage in the church, you can also now consider the civil marriage ceremony. First of all, having civil ceremony versus church wedding knowledge is very important before getting married. Even though both of these wedding options provide the same purpose, there are several ranges of differences available between these two options. The choice of arranging your marriage is completely up to you & your partner. This article just gives you information about these two wedding options to pick the best one for you.

Understanding church wedding and civil ceremony:

When the couples look for the difference between civil ceremony and church wedding, the following are the main concepts. The church wedding is the most traditional option of marriage ceremony which involves readings from bible and also singing of some hymns. The relatives and friends from both the families go up and read the bible passages as the part of the wedding. The pastor tells the couple groom and bride, and it is all about their religious affair.

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Another main difference in the church wedding is that there is not technically legal binding. A couple has to get your legal marriage certificate after or before your wedding ceremony. When it comes to the civil ceremony, it is non-religious marriage between the couples. It is not a proper marriage and set up in the non-religious place to get married each other. But it is also legal and should need to get the marriage certificate without any religious involvements at all.

Why choosing church wedding/civil ceremony?

There are several numbers of reasons to choose between civil ceremony vs church wedding.

  • If you are naturally religious and want to have the religious background, it is perfect to go for the church wedding process under the observant eye of god.
  • For the people who want to have traditional type of wedding, church wedding is the best option at all.
  • If you are not religious and feeling uncomfortable to get married in the Catholic Church, you can make arrangements for your marriage in any non-religious place.
  • Those who don’t have enough money for traditional church wedding can go for the simpler civil ceremony of getting married to each other.


As compared to your church wedding, civil ceremony planning is really faster and affordable type of marriage for all couples.

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