Box braids

Box braids for beginners

Hairstyling, haircuts, and highlighting the hair, there is so much an individual can do with their hair. Apart from just enhancing the looks with all such styling, for many comforts is more important. They are not for haircuts & styling to make them less tired during warm weather or not much time-consuming. One such styling is box braids which are most preferable among the Africans. In this article, we are going to tell you about some simple methods that will simplify box braids for beginners.

Easy Steps to do big Box Braids on Yourself

Prep your hair

Before opting for any box braid styles, one must cleanse it thoroughly and apply a mask to it. Make sure your hair we tangle-free so that the comp passes through your lengths smoothly. If you want to pamper your hair more with the salon professional feel then blow dry your hair with the rolling comb.

Part your hair into sections

After your hair is blown dry and made tangle-free, your hair is ready for your first step for box braid. First and foremost, part it into as many sections as you want, and then redivide those divided sections into more subdivisions. Those subdivision sizes will be the size of your box braid. But yes, the minutest and as much micro as it can be would make a perfect box braid.

Split parts into three sections

When all partitions and subdivisions are made then one can start making them into normal braids.

Gather the extensions

Then gather and divide the extensions into 2 parts, the major or the larger part and the smaller parts. Then fold the smaller section into the larger one. Many use false synthetic hair to form the box braid.

Box braid

Braid the extensions with your hair

Pair the braided hair with three pieces of your hair as close as to your scalp, then start braiding your hair as normal and continue till the end. One may apply hair gel to keep the looped hair together.

Repeat the same step with other sections

Then continue the same steps with the rest of your partition and convert each division into box braids. As soon as you are over with all the box braids, you would find your head is full of box braids. Make sure that you not tightening up your hairs too much as it would lead to coarse hair prone to breakage and eventually lead to headache due to resistant blood circulation.

One must lubricate and moisture and mask their hair eventually to avoid hair breakage and regulate the blood circulation of the brain.